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Pre-Submission Common App Review

Pre-Submission Common App Review

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During a Pre-Submission Common App Review, a College Specific counselor will go through your application line by line, hunting for errors large and small, and will also make sure that all the components of your application are in line with the expectations of college admissions officers.

You’ve worked incredibly hard to get to the point where you have a finished application ready to submit. When you’ve stared at a wall of text for hours, it’s easy to overlook minor errors. At the very least, we recommend that you have someone with a fresh perspective review your application before you push the “submit” button.

That moment can be a little daunting. The act of submitting your college application is the culmination of a lot of hard work, and we have that fact foremost in our mind when we review our clients’ applications. Because of the importance of submitting the strongest application possible, our counselors dedicate significant time to each review.

A few caveats: while we will look for problems in your application, including in your college essays, this service does not include a major essay edit. If your essay needs serious revision, we’ll let you know.

For this reason, we require a minimum 72-hour lead-time for our Pre-Submission Common App Review. Ideally, you’ll book it much further in advance than that, in case you end up needing time to work on your application. Since we have limited slots available for this service as deadlines approach, the sooner you book it (and the sooner you finish your application) the better.