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College Essay Brainstorming Session

College Essay Brainstorming Session

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The college essay is difficult. For many applicants, it’s the most difficult part of the entire college admissions process. But here's a little secret: most great college essays start with a great topic. Your essay doesn't have to be about something dramatic or life-changing, but it must be on a topic that allows you to give admissions officers a glimpse of what really matters to you… and of who you are beyond the data that fills the rest of your application.

This session will help you choose that topic and explore how it can be used to illuminate something important about you.

This session involves a fairly personal conversation. We delve into your individual qualities and those unique experiences that are most likely to result in a topic that will help you write a compelling college essay.

Then, once we’ve decided together on the most effective topic, we’ll help you approach the writing process with confidence.

Please note that this private online session is geared toward your main essay (e.g. the Common Application’s personal essay or the primary essay/personal statement required by most colleges).

*Important: This is a student-only meeting. Parents are an important part of the admissions process, but students must feel free to explore any topic they want with their counselor.