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Application Season Strategy Session

Application Season Strategy Session

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Application season is one of the busiest times in your high school career. This period—roughly August through January of your senior year—requires a lot of planning and organizing in order to maximize your chances of successfully applying to each school on your list. In this private session, a College Specific counselor will formulate an intelligent approach to this stressful—but rewarding—period.

A lot of what goes into this session happens behind the scenes. Before your appointed session time, you’ll complete some preparation material, and a College Specific counselor will begin to formulate an individualized Application Checklist Spreadsheet that includes each college’s deadlines and requirements.

Then, during the meeting, we’ll go over the Application Checklist Spreadsheet together and create a timeline for each of the components of the application process.

We’ll also discuss topics such as:

– Early application deadlines vs. regular application deadlines
– The required components of a college application
– What to expect during each month of application season
– The important steps that students often overlook after they click “submit”

We’ll use our years of experience walking students through every stage of application season to help you organize, prioritize, and ease the stress that comes along with this busy, exciting time.