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Senior Toolkit

Section 5: Application Deadlines

“Deadlines: Know them. Follow them.”

- Dr. Zina Evans, University of Florida

The College Application

When do I need to submit my applications?

That depends.  Deadlines come in many different types, so your application deadlines will vary depending on which college you’re applying to. As dull as a video about application deadlines probably sounds, be sure to watch the one below. It's less than five minutes long, and it will give you a strong basic understanding of the different kinds of deadlines you’ll be facing during application season. It’s in your best interest to understand each type of deadline, and how they differ from one another, because it’s your job to make sure that you meet them.

Some of the questions answered in this section's video:

What’s the difference between “Early Decision” and “Early Action”?

How do I know whether to apply early or not?

How do I keep track of all the various deadlines?


Video: Application Deadlines (4:33)

The Most Important Deadline

There’s one more deadline you should be aware of. It’s among the most important deadlines you’ll have to remember, and it’s the same for every school in the United States.

It’s on May 1st, and it’s called National College Decision Day. On this day, the ball is finally in your court; acceptances have been sent out by all the colleges to which you’ve applied, and it’s time for you to decide which school you’re going to attend (unless you were admitted somewhere "early decision," of course).

As you slog through applications and interviews and deadlines during the fall, keep May 1st in the back of your mind. That day is your payoff: a reward for all your hard work. A day when the choice belongs to you, instead of the other way around.


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