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Senior Toolkit

Section 4: College Interviews

“Don’t worry, we won’t put you on the spot with trick questions. Instead, we want to hear about your goals, strengths and growth opportunities. We want to know what’s made you the person you are.”

-Bates College

College Interviews

How should I prepare for my college interviews?

If the colleges you’re applying to offer an interview, you should schedule one. The interview is not simply a formality; it’s an opportunity. It will help you set yourself apart from other applicants by putting a face to the name at the top of your application. It can also be a great way to learn more about your prospective schools, since you’ll either be talking to an alumnus, a current student, or an admissions officer.

College interviews might take place on the college’s campus, but just as often they can be scheduled somewhere close to where you live. As we mention in the video, you don’t necessarily need to travel to the college you’re applying to in order to interview with a representative of that school.

We also say this in the video, but it’s impossible to emphasize this enough: do not let this part of the process intimidate you. A college interview can be a positive experience, and the better prepared you are, the more relaxing and enjoyable your interviews will be. That means doing some research on the college in question so that you can articulate why you’re interested in attending it. It also means being ready and willing to talk about yourself and your time in high school.

Some of the questions answered in this section's video:

Who will conduct my college interview?

How important is the college interview?

How should I dress for my interview?


Video: College Interviews (5:02)

Things to Remember: 

  • Treat your college interview like a conversation, not an interrogation. Help your interviewer to get to know who you truly are. 
  • Be energetic. Also, be prepared to talk in detail about your high school experience.
  • After the interview, be sure to follow up with a “thank you” – either a card or an email.
  • Click here for more specifics about the college interview: what sort of questions will be asked, and how to be prepared to answer them.


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