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Welcome to College Specific's Senior Toolkit

A big part of your senior year is college application season. If you’re like many college-bound seniors, a vague sense of unease started nibbling away at the back of your mind even before the first day of school. Perhaps you already started preparing for application season over the summer: making lists, filling in calendars, and buying how-to books.

If so, that's great! But there's probably still a mild undercurrent of panic swirling just below the surface. The six sections of the Senior Toolkit were created to help you rise above all that. They're custom-tailored for a busy high school senior: each section is short and to the point, but full of information that is concise and easily digestible, intended to provide you as quickly as possible with a quick understanding of what to expect from your senior year and how to increase your chances of getting into the college of your choice. You should be able to complete this Toolkit in less than an hour.

You can use these sections in any order you want. We advise that you go through each section completely, watch each of the six short videos through to the end, and bookmark this page so that you can come back for a quick review when things start to get busy.

Contents of the Senior Toolkit: