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College Admissions Presentations & Events

Presentations and Events

Below is a list of available College Specific presentations. We can accommodate audiences of all sizes. If you would like to hire College Specific to present to your group, school or organization, please contact us.

College Admissions Presentations and Events

College Admissions 101 – Students spend a tremendous amount of time completing their college applications; yet they often have no idea what happens after they push the “submit” button. Through an entertaining and informative collection of case studies, this presentation turns students into “admissions officers” who learn to confidently review and evaluate a wide array of applicants, and better understand the application review process along the way.

Fitting In: Building Your College List – With thousands of colleges in the U.S. alone, students often struggle to select a handful that suits their needs and interests. This workshop teaches students how to confidently and methodically approach the college list-building process, laying the groundwork for a balanced and informed college list.

Getting In: How Colleges See You – Most students aren’t familiar with what goes into a college application. In this presentation, we help them understand how college admissions officers evaluate their application’s five major components: the transcript, test scores, essays, recommendation letters, and extracurricular résumé.

Preparing for College: Academic and Extracurricular Planning – Course selection is one of the most important factors considered by college admissions officers when reviewing an application. Also important is how students have chosen to spend their time outside of class. But there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for academic and extracurricular planning. This presentation helps high school students of all grade levels formulate a comprehensive plan within the context of their unique interests, abilities, and college expectations.

The College Essay Trap – Students spend a tremendous amount of time working on their college essays, yet few truly understand what college admissions officers are hoping to read—and not to read. Based on College Specific Director Cassie Nichols’ popular book The College Essay Trap, this presentation walks students through common mistakes admissions officers see in college essays, helping them streamline the most time-consuming and intimidating part of the college application.

Brainstorming the College Essay – There’s no such thing as a “perfect” college essay topic; it’s how the essay illuminates the writer that is most important to college admissions officers. This presentation incorporates videos and worksheets from College Specific’s College Essay Toolkit to help students turn their ideas and experiences into a compelling essay that will set them apart from other applicants.

You’re Not Just an Athlete: What Colleges and College Coaches Are Looking For – The athletic recruiting process and the college application are two key pieces of the college admissions puzzle. For aspiring college athletes, it’s crucial to understand both. In the first half of this presentation, student-athletes will learn how to present themselves to colleges in a way that highlights their athletic skills, but also emphasizes their other qualities. The second half of the presentation focuses on the recruiting process. It’s not just about getting recruited; it’s about understanding the different types of college experiences available to the college athlete.

The Parent Trap – A parents-only presentation that focuses on how to successfully guide students through the trials and tribulations of the college admissions process. The advice parents give to a high school freshman should differ dramatically from the advice they give to a junior or senior. This presentation walks parents through the major stages of college admissions and focuses on what they can expect from their children along the way.

Application Season Survival Guide – How do you get through the busiest and most stressful period in your high school career? College application season is a whirlwind of expectations, requirements, and deadlines; but with careful planning and execution, it can also be exciting and rewarding. This presentation helps students and their families formulate a step-by-step battle plan that will help them survive and thrive as they prepare and submit their college applications.

The Out-of-State College Experience – This presentation encourages students to think beyond their local context when building their college lists, and to explore national and international college options. It helps them envision themselves thriving in a setting that is far from home, adapting to a new social and academic environment. On a practical level, it also helps college applicants understand how to connect with out-of-state college representatives.

Tackling UC Admissions – The University of California schools are among the most popular and competitive in the world. They also have a unique application and essay review process. This presentation introduces students to the UC application requirements, providing insight that will help them stand out among the tens of thousands of UC applicants each year.

Dissecting the Common Application – This presentation is designed for high school seniors who are in the thick of college application season. It provides a practical, step-by-step guide to filling out the Common Application: the online application platform used by more than 500 colleges and universities.

College Specific Presentations are available to national and international audiences, in educational and private settings. To inquire about pricing or to schedule a presentation, contact College Specific at: