Introductory Meeting

We offer a free introductory meeting to all our prospective clients.

This is not just a sales presentation. It is a meeting with an experienced college counselor. During this meeting, we will discuss your student's specific details and provide clear advice on how to proceed, whether you decide to use private counseling services or not.

We view the introductory meeting as a way for our clients to determine their level of comfort with the counselor, and as a way to demonstrate our knowledge of college admissions and the value of our services. We will discuss the appropriate services, but there will be no pressure during this meeting.

While the presence of at least one parent is required for this meeting, we also recommend that the student participate as well. This will allow your family to gauge the student's level of comfort with the counselor.

To schedule your free introductory meeting, click the button below. You will be prompted to choose a meeting time, as well as to enter some basic information so that our counselor can prepare for the meeting.

Once you have finished scheduling your meeting, you will receive an email confirmation.