What are my
college options?

To get where you want to go,
it’s important to understand where you are.

That’s what this free college admissions evaluation is about. It will establish a baseline that will help you and your child build a practical roadmap to college and beyond. It will help you avoid wasting time and money, but more importantly it will allow you and your child to focus on the colleges that really matter.

It includes a professional assessment of where your child stands and how your child will be perceived by admissions officers.

Your evaluation will be based on your child’s specific grades, course load, and individual circumstances.

It will be conducted by a college counselor from our college admissions consulting team, which has helped hundreds of students get into the colleges of their choice.

Our motivation is simple. We are college counselors who provide college admissions help to families all over the world, and we are very good at what we do. We want to you to consider becoming one of our clients, and we know that means earning your trust. So we are offering this free evaluation to help you to get to know us.

There are no strings attached. This no-obligation evaluation is completely free of charge.

“I received our evaluation yesterday and I just wanted to thank you guys so much. It really helps to have a professional viewpoint to give me a sense of what my son’s chances are when he applies to college next fall. We would have wasted a lot of time without your help.”

- Julie Patterson, Washington

“I’m so glad we opted to work with your company. Cassie was just a godsend. I never realized how much subtle detail goes into this process, and I would have been lost without your help and availability. Thank you for everything you’ve done. Keep up the great work!”

- Li Zhang, New York

"We really appreciated your help during this whole process, from the eval to the college list building meeting. The essay help was remarkable too. Chloe is stoked with all the schools she has to choose from, half of which she wouldn’t have applied to if not for you.”

- Mark Foster, Colorado

About College Specific®

College Specific is a team of college admissions consultants located in Santa Barbara, California. We were founded in 2010 by author, educator and Princeton grad Cassie Nichols. Since then, we've worked with hundreds of students and families from all over the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

At College Specific, we have one job: to increase your child's chances of getting into every college on their list. If you're interested in hiring us to help you with the college admissions process, you can click here to view our services and pricing. However, we strongly recommend that you proceed with this free evaluation first; it will enable us to get to know your child's specific abilities and circumstances, and it will provide you with a valuable picture of where your child stands with regard to college admissions.