The College Specific Podcast: The Life of a College Athlete

Ever wonder what it’s like to play for a top-ranked Division I college athletic program? In the latest College Specific Podcast, Cassie Nichols interviews former USC Division I All-American water polo player Miranda Nichols (who just happens to be her younger sister).

The two discuss what it takes to be recruited at that level, what it’s like to play at that level, and what students gain and sacrifice by choosing to be college athletes. Cassie, also a former Division I water polo player, compares Miranda’s experience to her own very different experience playing for Princeton University. For students thinking about … more

Cassie NicholsThe College Specific Podcast: The Life of a College Athlete

The College Specific Podcast

College Specific is excited to introduce the College Specific Podcast, providing listeners with timely college admissions discussion. We’ll cover many pertinent admissions topics throughout the year, with Director Cassie Nichols as host and Head Counselor Stacey Milton as frequent contributor. We’ll also provide interviews with other professionals in the college counseling/admissions community. Our goal: to shine a light on the college admissions process.

In our first podcast, Cassie interviews Stacey about her time as a college admissions officer at Boston University, as well as what it was like to transition into the field of college counseling. They also opine … more

Cassie NicholsThe College Specific Podcast

You’ve received a decision! Now what?

By Stacey Milton


March can be a month of mixed emotions for high school seniors and their parents. As colleges wrap up the application season and finalize their freshman classes, decisions will begin to trickle out, often with little to no fanfare. With many colleges notifying via emailĀ or through online applicant portals, gone are the days of running to the mailbox, awaiting those thick envelopes.

There is an inherent injustice to this timeline; while students have been waiting several months for a decision, the universal college response date requires that they make the choice of where they will attend … more

Stacey MiltonYou’ve received a decision! Now what?