Senior Services

Starting college applications and essays in the summer before the senior year helps seniors to get a head start on the college admissions process. We work with students through every stage of the process, reviewing every application and essay draft and ensuring that the student is well on track to submit college applications on time.

seniors applying to college

Senior Academic Services:

  • Mapping out the student’s senior year courses.  Explaining the importance of the senior year schedule in college admissions.
  • Evaluating the student’s academic GPA, including recalculation (if necessary), and class rank.
  • Evaluating college entrance exam scores (SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests) and determining whether additional exams are necessary in the senior year.
  • Helping students to select appropriate teachers to write their college recommendation letters.

Senior Extracurricular Services:

  • Building and finalizing a college résumé, including extracurricular activities, employment, community service, hobbies and honors/awards.
  • Providing athletic recruiting advice on the athletic résumé, the athletic performance video, and appropriate correspondence with college coaches.  This includes evaluation of a coach’s level of interest in the student athlete.
  • Planning final summer activities, including employment, camps, volunteering, and any remaining required academic courses.


Senior College Admissions and Application Services:

  • Finalizing the student’s college list and ensuring that the colleges range in selectivity.
  • Planning and making the most of senior-year college visits and communication with college admissions officers.
  • Advising on the importance of “demonstrated interest” in college admissions.
  • Reviewing components of the Common Application and any additional applications pertaining to the student’s college list.
  • Creating a strategy for college deadlines and application requirements.
  • Working with the student to brainstorm, outline, and edit required college essays, including all supplemental essays.
  • Extensive review of each college application.
  • Preparing students for their college interviews.
  • Pacing students through the application process, ensuring that everything is completed on time and to the best of their ability.
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