Freshman and Sophomore Services

Meetings held in the freshman and sophomore years are designed to ensure that students are on track for college.  We meet with students and parents throughout the freshmen and sophomore years to discuss academics and course planning, extracurricular activities and community service, standardized testing, and any questions or concerns about the college admissions process.


freshman and sophomore college prep

Academic Services:

  • Mapping out the student’s high school course trajectory.  Explaining which courses are valued the most in college admissions, and pointing out potential red flags in the academic schedule.
  • Generating a college entrance examination plan.  Determining which standardized tests are appropriate and creating a testing and test prep schedule.
  • Counseling on the importance of building relationships with high school teachers and guidance counselors.
  • Helping students to understand their academic strengths and how to apply them to the college admissions process.
  • Helping students to develop effective study skills.

Extracurricular Services:

  • Building a college résumé, including extracurricular activities, employment, community service, hobbies and honors/awards.
  • Athletic recruiting advice, including the athletic résumé, video and appropriate correspondence with college coaches.
  • Mapping out a reasonable community service plan that fits the student’s interests and needs.
  • Planning summer activities, including employment, summer camps, workshops, and volunteering.

College Admissions Services:

  • Reviewing college expectations, including specific concerns about the state of college admissions.
  • Preparing students for local college visits, as well as non-local visits during vacation periods.  Helping them to understand the importance of “demonstrated interest” in college admissions.
  • Preparing for the college list-building process that takes place in the junior year.
  • Discussing colleges in a pressure-free environment, helping students to feel less stressed and more excited about the college selection and admissions process.




Cassie NicholsFreshman and Sophomore Services