Stacey Milton – Head Counselor

Stacey Milton, Admissions Officer, Boston University, College Specific

Stacey Milton, Head Counselor

Stacey recently landed in California from Boston, MA. She grew up in a sleepy town on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, where she was a competitive gymnast and aspiring writer. Inspired by her love of feature writing (and in small part by the movie Almost Famous), Stacey attended Boston University, where she studied print journalism and English literature, earning her bachelor’s degree from BU’s College of Communication in 2005. While at BU, Stacey wrote for the university’s independent newspaper, The Daily Free Press and was an editorial assistant for BU’s alumni magazine.

Soon after graduating, Stacey joined the Board of Admissions as an Assistant Director.  She evaluated applications for first-year and transfer students to BU’s nine undergraduate colleges, including candidates for scholarship and honors programs. For several years, Stacey coordinated the evaluation of all homeschooled applicants. In 2008, she became a Senior Assistant Director and joined the marketing and communications team.

As the admissions rep for PA, she worked closely with college counselors and high schools, and was invited to present at several school-sponsored college fairs and presentations. She has led workshops on topics like assembling a college list, the role of legacy in college admissions, essay writing and understanding enrollment strategies.

Stacey shares College Specific’s philosophy of the college counseling process: minimize stress and provide educated guidance.  After nearly a decade reading in the admissions process, Stacey is eager to help parents and students approach the application process in a thoughtful and well-prepared manner.

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