The College Specific Podcast: An Interview with Princeton Coach Luis Nicolao

College Specific Podcast: study skillsIn this episode, Cassie interviews Princeton water polo coach Luis Nicolao about Princeton’s recruiting process, what it takes stand out as an athlete hoping to play for the Ivy League, and why, as Luis puts it, “90% of our recruiting is based on the individual’s interest.”

Luis was Cassie’s water polo coach when she played for Princeton over a decade ago, and he has years of experience recruiting student athletes. Check out this episode to hear all about athletic recruiting from the standpoint of an Ivy League coach.

As always, we hope you enjoy the College Specific Podcast, and we … more

Cassie NicholsThe College Specific Podcast: An Interview with Princeton Coach Luis Nicolao

5 Fatal Flaws in Most College Application Essays

girl-writing-college-essayThe college application essay is a solitary creature.

Of all the things you’ve written throughout high school, and of all the things you’re going to write throughout your adult life, the college essay stands alone. There’s nothing quite like it.

And yet it’s one of the most important things you’ll ever write. It’s the one thing that can humanize you in the eyes of college admissions officers—the people who decide whether you actually get to attend the schools to which you are applying. The essay is not the most important part of your application—your transcript is—but the essay can be … more

Cassie Nichols5 Fatal Flaws in Most College Application Essays

2015-16 College Essay Prompts

Over the past few months, we’ve collected the essay prompts and corresponding word count requirements for the colleges to which our students are applying. We’d like to share it with you, in case you have difficulty finding them elsewhere. Important: this is for the 2015/16 application season, and essay prompts may change the following year.

American University

Instructions: Both short answer writing questions are optional. You may choose to submit neither, one or both.
1. Discuss a research topic of importance to you and describe how you would further explore it at AU.
2. How has your past shaped your

Cassie Nichols2015-16 College Essay Prompts